To all our eagerly waiting expectant puppy families. We are still waiting on litters. We thought we would have a litter early Feb but looks more like early March. It looks like we might have several litters at once. Feel free to email me or text for updates 541-405-6398.

They are worth the wait! ~LeAnna

Upcoming Reserve List Order

We are expecting Spring Litters We will update as soon as we know details!

Hope to be ready April

$600 Standard/Decker Cross (deposit 50% down)

Allen Combs - Female Pick #1 

Cheryl Adams - Boy Pick #1

Kristina and Brian Phillips - Boy Pick #2



Hope to be ready late May

$600 Standard/Decker Cross (deposit 50% down)

Girl pick 1 - Dorothy

Girl pick 2 or Boy pick 1 - April (not sure if she wants a girl or boy until born)


Next full Decker litter ready late spring/early summer

$800 Decker (deposit 50% down)

Girl Pick 1 - Richard Lankhaar

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