Reservation Lists


I typically only respond to emails on Friday afternoons due to the high volume of inquiries I receive.

Please don't PayPal my email directly.  I prefer to send you an invoice from my PayPal LLC with details regarding the reservation.  Thank you!

Blanca X Bullseye pups 

Pups Born 1/11/21

Pick up weekend 3/6/21 (8 weeks of age)

(UKC full registrations)

Pick 1 - Leland K - Boy

Pick 2 - Jan F - Boy 

Pick 3 - David B - Boy 

Pick 4 - Chris G - Boy

Pick 1 - Cynthia B - Girl 

Pick 2 - Theo C - Girl


Confirmed Breeding Snickers X Jax (Cross) 1/25/21

Pups expected 3/25/21

8 weeks 5/25/21 (projected go home weekend)

(will take up to 5 advance deposits - 2 girls and 3 boys)

(No Papers Provided)

Breeder hold on female - This is Snickers last litter and we hope to keep a female from her litter.

Girl Pick 1- Steve and MaryAnn G

Girl Pick 2 - Tia H (preference will move to boy pick 2 if 2 girls aren't born)

Boy Pick 1 - Julian R

Holding Boy Pick 2 for Tia if not enough females

Boy Pick 2 or 3 (depending on Tia) - Jimmy S




Deposits open on Sunny X Bullseye expected summer 2021

Will take 2 girl deposits and 3 boy advance deposits

(UKC full registrations)

Female Pick 1 - Yolanda H

Female Pick 2 - Richard L

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