Located in Sweet Home, Oregon 

Advance Reservation Lists

Email pittsfamilypups@gmail.com

Deposits open on Sunny X Bullseye 

Due late May/Early June

Will take 4 advance deposits

(UKC full registrations)

Female Pick 1 - Yolanda H

Female Pick 2 - Richard L

Female Pick 2 or Male Pick 2 Andy B

Male Pick 1 - Jimmy S



Deposits open on Sarah X Jeronimo Pups

Smaller Standards

Will take 4 advance deposits

(No Papers Provided)

Due late May/Early June

No more deposits accepted until born

Female Pick 1 - Mary and Steve

Female Pick 2 - Tia H

Male Pick 1 - Randall & Deb S

Male Pick 2 - Kim J


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Update regarding site visits due to COVID-19

Our daughter, grandson, and newborn granddaughter moved in with us, and we are practicing social distancing measures not only for our tiny grandchildren, but my husband's health puts him at risk.  

We are not encouraging site visits. 


All pick-ups will be off-site.

Email is the best way to reach me.  

I receive so many phone calls a day I can't keep up anymore with all the inquires.

I typically only respond to emails on Friday afternoons due to the high volume of inquiries I receive.


Please don't PayPal my email directly.  I prefer to send you an invoice from my PayPal LLC with details regarding the reservation.  Thank you!