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Month- July 2020

Dave Jackson

July 2 at 8:54 AM  · 

Bud &Brat glad to be two American pups on this upcoming Independence Day!

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Announcement - July 6, 2020

I had a 4 wheeler accident and have been recovering from the 4-wheeler rolling on me.  I am pretty banged up and suffered a broken ankle.  I may be slow to respond.  I will be in a cast for up to 12 weeks.  We had to update our adoption date of Whiskey until late August because I'm not able to focus on her re homing right now.

Our daughter, grandson, and newborn granddaughter moved in with us, and we are practicing social distancing measures not only for our tiny grandchildren, but my husband's health puts him at risk.  

We are not encouraging site visits. 


All pick-ups will be off-site.

Thank you for understanding during this difficult time.  

Feel free to text me.

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